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Get the versatility of a lightweight engine along with the big performance of a powerful outboard.

Type 4-Stroke SOHC; 3 Cylinders / 6 Valves
Displacement 552 cc / 33.7 cubic in.
Bore & Stroke 61 mm x 63 mm (2.40 x 2.48 in.)
Full Throttle RPM Range 5,000-6,000 RPM
Propshaft Rated Horsepower (HP) 30 HP @ 6,000 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Fuel Delivery 3 Carburetors
Recommended Fuel Unleaded Gas. (Min. Pump Octane 86)
Ignition System Capacitor Discharge; Digital CDI
Starting System Electric
Exhaust Through Prop Hub
Lubrication Forced Lubrication
Recommended Oil SAE 5W30 API service classification SJ or later
Oil Capacity 1.70 L (1.80 Imp. qt) with oil filter repl.
Trim Range -4° to +12°
Tilt Range -4° to 64°
Steering Angle N/A
Gear Ratio 2.08:1
Gear Shift F-N-R
Alternator (Manual Start) N/A
Alternator (Electric Start) 10 amp / 126 watts
Battery Charging Power N/A
Power Tilt N/A
Power Trim & Tilt LRTC model
Gas Assisted Tilt SHGC model
Oil Pressure Alert Standard
Over Rev-Limiter Standard
Temperature Alert Standard
Water in Fuel Alert N/A
Battery Condition Alert N/A
Speedometer Pickup N/A
Variable Speed Trolling Kit N/A
Rudder Meter Kit N/A
Tilt limit Kit N/A
Overall Width 375 mm / 14.8 in.
Transom Height (S-Type) 431 mm 17.0 in
Transom Height (SCHC-Type) N/A
Transom Height (L-Type) 552 mm / 21.7 in
Transom Height (LCHC-Type) N/A
Transom Height (X-Type) N/A
Transom Height (XX-Type) N/A
Propeller Type 3-blade (Aluminum)
Propeller Diameter x Pitch (S-Type) 235 mm x 305 mm / 9-1/4 x 12 in.
Propeller Diameter x Pitch (L-Type) 235 mm x 305 mm / 9-1/4 x 12 in.
Propeller Diameter x Pitch (BF(P) Models) N/A
S-Type N/A
SHGC-Type* 81.5 kg / 180 lb.
SHS-Type N/A
SRC-Type N/A
L-Type N/A
LRTC-Type* 81 kg / 179 lb.
X-Type N/A
XC-Type N/A
XX Type N/A

*Optional built-in Pitot tube kit required.

**The steering angle can be set at 30° when two outboard motors are installed at an interval of 558 mm (ICOMIA standard recommendation). It can be set at 50°, too, depending on the installation interval.
Do not set the steering angle at 50° on a high speed boat, as it can impair the steering stability.
When the boat is equipped with a hydraulic steering type of the outboard motor, steering angle can be set at 30°.
It cannot be set at 50°. However, note that the steering angle can be set at 50° by using a connecting plate, depending on the type of hydraulic steering.

Honda outboard motors are power rated in accordance with NMMA procedures using the ICOMIA standard 28/23.


Standard Warranty

As a testament to their quality and reliability, all Honda marine engines come with a warranty of 36 months for non-commercial use and 12 months for commercial use. For more information on warranty, please view your distributor's warranty info sheet or visit our Warranty section.

Honda Plus Extended Warranty

Honda Plus extended warranty is now available for your marine engine. You can prolong your worry-free pleasure on specified parts and components even further. For more details, please view the Warranty section.

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