Genuine Honda Oils and Chemicals

Why use Genuine Honda oils and chemicals?

Honda builds its outboard engines to the toughest engineering standards in the world, formulating its oils and chemicals to those same high standards and thereby helping to maintain your outboard engine at peak performance.

You bought a Honda because of its quality, performance and reliability. So why not match it with exceptional oils and chemicals? Don't settle for an imitation when you can buy the original.

Genuine Honda oil is specially formulated to help provide the best possible protection for your Honda outboard engine under the most severe conditions. You should have the oil changed at least once during the boating season. We recommend that it be done in the fall, before winter storage. The reason is that dirty engine oil contains some corrosive elements. So, if the engine is to sit idle for six months or so, it is best to have clean oil in the engine.

In addition, we also offer a full line of high-quality chemicals, cleaners and other lubricants to help keep your Honda outboard engine running smoothly and looking great for many years to come. Genuine Honda oils and chemicals are available exclusively at your local Honda dealer.

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