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Pricing on this site has been updated to indicate Selling Price which includes MSRP, Freight, PDI on certain models, applicable fees and applicable rebates, but does not include rigging installation and sales tax. See your dealer for details.

Discover Honda Marine Outboards

Honda Marine outboards have a well-earned reputation for exceptional performance, quality and reliability.
Since 1964, Honda has manufactured only 4-stroke outboard motors, upholding our philosophy that watercrafts should never pollute the waters they travel.

Two people in a boat


Honda boat motors are big on convenience, versatility and performance – all while being easy to use and transport.

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Experience all the versatility of a lightweight engine along with the big performance of a powerful outboard from Honda Marine Canada.

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Epic days on the water begin with big power, exceptional performance and Honda technology.

Back view of a boat showing a Drive by Wire outboard

Drive By Wire

Versatile, lightweight, and made to perform – this is an engine that delivers on the water.

More Honda

Honda outboards are known for their reliability and quality. Learn more about why Honda’s Marine line is right for you.

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Why Honda?

Why Choose a Honda Marine Outboard Motor?

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Outboard Brochure

Stay up to date on everything to do with Honda Marine products. Dive into our line of motors, accessories, service, and more.

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Learn about Honda outboards and safety on the water.