Why Choose Honda Service?

Why Choose Honda service for your outboard motor?

Keeping your Honda healthy is a vital part of maintaining the quality, reliability and performance of your outboard engine.

Honda Dealers are selected with the same care that we put into designing and manufacturing our marine products.

You can trust that your Honda outboard is in capable hands. Our people work to maintain the high performance and quality that is expected from a Honda.

Back view of a boat with a BF 250

Experience the many advantages that come from choosing Honda Service:

  • Our Genuine Honda parts, oils and chemicals are factory approved and are tested to one of the highest standards in the industry.
  • Our Honda dealers use only Genuine Honda parts.
  • Our Honda technicians are trained to factory standards.
  • Our latest technical information is at the fingertips of our technicians through the Honda online communication system.
  • Our dealers are supported by our Tech-line and Quality Engineering teams at Honda Canada Inc.

Proper maintenance and Honda outboard service is critical for reliable performance and a long-lasting product. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule in your Honda Owner's Manual, and make sure you use Genuine Honda parts if you want to maintain your product yourself.

Back view of a boat with a BF 250