Honda Storage Tips

How To Safely Store Your Outboard Engine

Outboard engines may spend an extended period of time in rest, which is why it is important to adopt proper outboard motor storage techniques for a smooth awakening.

How To Properly Care For Your Outboard Engine

Here are a few tips to assist you in properly caring for your outboard engine:

  • Keep it clean and dry

  • Flush and drain the cooling system

  • Drain the fuel tank (portable) and the fuel system

  • Change the engine oil

  • Coat all surfaces liable to rust with a thin film of oil

  • Store in the standard operation position

  • Keep it in an area free of excessive humidity and dust

  • Protect it from dust and debris with a specific outboard engine cover

Two people in a boat being propelled by a BF 2.3

Fuel is also an important part of proper storage, as today's fuels don't have a very long storage life. Gasoline that sits in a float bowl or partially filled gas tank for as little as 30 to 60 days can cause your unit to have starting problems. Warm weather also causes fuel to go "stale."

Make sure you follow these steps to help prevent storage-related starting problems.

  • Storage of more than 30 days requires additional measures such as the use of Honda Gasoline Conditioner to help keep the fuel fresh.
  • When adding fuel stabilizer, fill the gas tank with fresh gasoline. If only partially filled, air in the tank will promote fuel deterioration during storage.
  • If you keep a container of gasoline for refueling, be sure that it contains only fresh gasoline.
  • Add fuel stabilizer following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • After adding a fuel stabilizer, it is also recommended to run the engine for 10 minutes, before proceeding with the storage.
  • If the product will stay in storage for more than 60 days, completely drain the fuel system and the fuel tank.

Maintaining the original performance of your outboard engine will largely depend on the care you provide it right now. Refer to your Owner's Manual for additional storage information specific to your model.

Two people in a boat being propelled by a BF 2.3