Wear a lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Unexpected immersion in water can place a boater at serious risk if he or she is not wearing a flotation device. This is true regardless of the experience of the boater, the nearness to shore and even swimming ability. Wearing a lifejacket gives you time to adjust to the emergency and allows you to assist others. Buckle up before getting on board.

Don't drink or use drugs.

Mixing alcohol and/or drugs and boating is far more dangerous than you may realize. Fatigue, sun, wind and the motion of the boat dull your senses. Alcohol intensifies these effects, leaving you with poorer fine-motor skills and impaired judgment.

Be prepared.

Read your Owner's Manual thoroughly. Check the forecast for weather and water conditions before heading out and keep a watchful eye out for changing conditions. Inspect all your equipment before departure.

Always operate your vessel at a safe speed and at a safe distance from other vessels. Honda recommends taking a boating safety course regardless of age or experience.

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